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GHA Programs and Initiatives

Giving Hope Again offers a variety of community initiatives that address some basic and some of the very specific challenges in our communities. Please read more about the programs offered below.

Let’s Talk About Us—Seeing a need to have open and honest dialogue in the various communities of Orlando, Let’s Talk About Us, was developed. The initiative provides discussion panels where citizens can freely discuss the pressing issues of our community. Past forums have included discussion on politics, physical health, mental health and economic development. 

Mothers Of Incarcerated Sons— One of the forgotten entities when people are facing jail sentences and prison terms are the mothers of those who are facing the justice system. Often time these mothers face emotional and financial challenges due to legal fees. This program provides a support group and resources for mothers who have sons who are currently incarcerated. This initiative focuses on helping mothers to get through the trauma they face when their sons are sentenced to jail and prison.

Let’s Eat— Giving Hope Again has assisted in providing either lunch, breakfast or dinner to the homeless populations of our communities. Over the past two years in addition to the meals provided when available, GHA has begin an annual Christmas and Thanksgiving Day breakfast for the people of the Parramore Community in Orlando FL.  This initiative was recently expanded in 2020 to provide a New Year’s Day Dinner as well.

Like A Rock—This initiative focuses on cardiopulmonary health. According to the CDC Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. The program aids in educating and assisting those who are recovering from open-heart surgery and heart failure. The initiative assists with co-pays and assistance in purchasing medication post trauma.

Resource Center (Coming Soon)— A location has been secured to open a community resource center and offices for Giving Hope Again. The resource center will provide citizens with free computer access, internet access, printing services and classes for resume writing, economic development, self-empowerment etc.  The center will also focus on linking citizens with resources for mental, social and economic assistance services. 

Home is Where the Heart Is — In an addition to providing food for the homeless population, Giving Hope Again launched an initiative aimed at assisting veterans and homeless individuals with finding stable shelter and permanent affordable housing. The initiative includes helping to rehabilitate homes for elderly citizens whose homes need repairing and remodeling. 

Giving Hope Again is always looking for way to help those who have fallen on hard times, due to whatever reason. We look forward to continuing as well as expanding upon the initiatives of Giving Hope Again. Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped to make these initiatives a success.